Plugging Successful Tweets

Ever seen someone reply "I don't have a soundcloud, but check out my X" when their tweet goes viral?

If you're selling a product or service, then you'll want to make sure that your tweets are promoting it when they pop off.
Luckily, Postwise makes it easy to plug your product into your tweets with the help of our Auto-Plug feature.

Step 1: Enable Auto-Plug

Head over to the Writer and enable Auto Plug for that tweet

Step 2: How many likes?

Choose how many likes this post should receive before we plug your offer. You don't want to go crazy and have it plug every tweet or you'll come across spammy, so choose something that means it's done well.

Step 3: What shall we plug?

You can either choose a previously saved plug, or, create a new one by pressing the green plus icon above.

Either select an older plug or hit Save on a new one and you're good to go! Now when this tweet hits your set number of likes, we'll automatically plug your offer!

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