Sending Auto-DMs

Sending Auto-DMs is a great way to grow your audience and give back to your followers.

Here's Raul from the awesome team at using this method:

It goes like this - you create a valuable resource of some kind (a PDF, a video, a spreadsheet, etc) and say you'll send it to people who perform some set of actions on your tweet. 

This works extremely well as it sends a ton of positive engagement signals to the Twitter algorithm, meaning your account gets seen by more accounts, who then in turn engage, creating a pretty juicy viral loop - magic!

Postwise makes it easy to send automatic DMs, so you can grow your account whilst focusing on other things.

Step 1: Enable Auto-DM

To set up automatic DMs, simply head over to the Grow page on the Writer and toggle Auto DM.

Step 2: Choose Actions

Choose which actions users must do to receive the DM, in this case, we'll DM everybody who retweets our post

Step 3: Customise your message

From here, you can click the notepad icon to write your DM and choose what you want to be sent. Make sure that you include a link to the resource you promised!
Hit Save and it will be good to go.
And that's it! You're now set up and ready to start automatically sending DMs to your followers.
Please note: we can't DM users who have their DMs closed. Auto-DMs work over a 24-hour period.
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