Tweet Writing Shortcuts

Everybody loves a shortcut. They help us to save time and be more productive.
Postwise is packed full of shortcuts to help you write your tweets faster and more efficiently.
Here's a few of our favourites:

Embed your first Tweet in a thread :

When writing a thread, you can maximize the virality of it by driving people to retweet the first tweet in the thread.

Do so by just writing [tweet] - this will create an embed of the first tweet in the chain:

Add a new tweet:

When you want to add a new tweet to a thread, you can use the following shortcuts to speed things up:

  • On Mac - ⌘ ⏎
  • On Windows - Ctrl ⏎
  • Alternatively, type Enter (⏎)  three times

Post tweet immediately:

So happy with your Tweet that you want it to go out immediately?

Simply press the following hotkeys to post right away (⇧ is the shift key)

  • On Mac - ⌘ ⇧ P
  • On Windows - Ctrl ⇧ P

That's it! Start using these shortcuts to become a Postwise pro!

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