How are credits calculated? What is a credit?

Credits are used to generate tweets with the Postwise AI Writer.

1 credit = 1 AI generated tweet
You can purchase credits in packs of different variations from our Plans page. The larger the plan, the cheaper the cost per credit.

So how many tweets does that equal?

When you input a topic and press create, we write you 6 amazing viral ready to post tweets. That costs you just 6 credits.
This is pretty awesome as having a Ghostwriter do the same would cost thousands of dollars! Postwise is a much better option.

How much does an AI thread cost?

We generate 6 different AI thread variations for you to choose from - this will only cost you 6 credits.

Even if a thread is comprised of, say, 10 tweets each (10 tweets x 6 variations) we will only charge you 6 credits.

Can I earn free credits?

You can also earn credits for free by completing certain actions, such as tweeting about Postwise or referring a friend.
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