How to Write AI Tweets (Single)

What is a Single AI Tweet?

A single AI tweet is just one tweet written using AI. It's the best way to get snappy, informative and compelling ideas across without overwhelming your followers with multiple tweets in a thread.

Follow this guide and you'll be creating awesome single tweets using AI in no time!

Step 1: Choose single

Start by heading over to the Postwise AI Writer and choosing Single as the post type

Step 2: Enter Topic

Enter your desired topic into the input bar - you can enter absolutely anything you like and Postwise will create tweets around it.

Step 3: Create! 🤖

Press "Enter" and our AI will go and write 6 amazing variations of Tweets that are ready for you to edit and schedule

Step 4: Favourite or Schedule

Once you've found some tweets you love, you can either schedule them straight away, or favourite them for later:


You can easily shortlist the best tweets by pressing the upper-right star icon. This will turn the tweet yellow and add it into your "Starred" posts section, ready for you to edit and schedule later.


Schedule by simply clicking the tweet, this will open the Writer component and allow you to make any edits you like.

Once done, simply press Schedule to add it to your queue which will then get scheduled automatically!

Alternatively if you really love it and want to get it out ASAP you can click Post Now for it to be posted immediately.

Tip: Getting the best results using broad and opinionated topics:

Postwise is smart enough to write tweets on pretty much anything you give it, but there's a few tips and tricks for getting the best results. This tip is by using a broad or an opinionated topic.

Broad example:

Below was created by simply entering " success" - this is an example of a broad topic as it's a wide ranging topic with lots of result possibilities:

As you can see you get a great tweet that is linked to success - it may even give you a new perspective on the topic you didn't previously realise 💭

Opinionated example:

This tweet below was created after entering " life is a video game" - this is an example of an opinionated topic as it's much more specific to my given opinion:

As you can see this is a great tweet that would likely do very well, and spans off (and agrees) with our original idea.

Both forms are valid and you can get great results by experimenting with the two!

Good luck on your journey to Twitter success! 💪
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