How to Write AI Tweets (Threads)

What is an AI Tweet Thread?

An AI tweet thread is the starting hook to a thread that will lure people on Twitter to continue reading. A great Thread hook is the difference between a tweet that does exceptionally well and a tweet that flops, so ensuring your starting thread is awesome is super important to growing on Twitter.

Follow this guide and you'll have thread engagement flooding into your notifications in no time!

Step 1: Choose Thread

Start by heading over to the Postwise AI Writer and choosing Thread as the post type

Step 2: Enter Topic

Enter your desired topic into Postwise - you can enter absolutely anything you like and Postwise will create thread ideas around it.

Step 3: Create! 🤖

Press "Enter" and our AI will go and write 6 amazing thread hooks on creativity, you can imagine some of these doing incredibly well 🤯

Step 4: Favourite or Schedule

Once you've found some tweets you love, you can either schedule them straight away, or favourite them for later:


As you can see in the above 2 tweets, I've favourited them as I think they'll work really will. This is a great thing to do when you want to just shortlist options for editing/posting later, as opposed to actually writing the whole thread now. Think of them as creativity boosters for another day 👍

Edit & Schedule:

If you're feeling inspired and would like to write the thread now, simply click into a Tweet to open it in the Writer:

This is a great way to let the inspiration flow as it starts you off with a great introduction that you can easily turn into a captivating thread.

Add a new tweet:

You can add a new tweet simply by doing one of the following:

  • Type Enter (⏎)  three times
  • Press a shortcut:
    • Mac - ⌘ 
    • Windows - Ctrl 
  • Click the + button on the toolbar 

All three work and it's up to you which one you prefer!

A new tweet will get automatically added and you'll be able to continue writing your thread

Note: Postwise will keep saving your tweet as you type, so if you ever want to close it and come back later, rest assured it will be saved for you.

Ready to schedule

Once you've finished your thread, simply press Schedule to add it to your queue which will then get scheduled for posting automatically!

Alternatively if you really love it and want to get it out ASAP you can click Post Now for it to be posted immediately.

Tip: Spreading out each post when posting:

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could maximize the reach of our thread by having each tweet appear at different points in the Timeline as opposed to all at once?

Of course we added it!

Spacing out each tweet increases your threads's engagement, as it hits the timeline at different points, as opposed to all in one burst.

Here's how to add it:

Step 1:

Start by heading into the tweet's Growth tools section:

Step 2:

Turn ON Thread Spread:

Step 3:

Choose your desired interval:

That's it! Your thread when scheduled will go out with a small natural delay between each tweet, bringing it to an even wider audience.

Threads are a fantastic way to grow on Twitter, get started writing yours today! 💪
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